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Worknews For Alexa

Search the news and have it read to you all by voice

To build knowledge efficiently, we believe that the news you need should be accessible when and how you want it. Your news should follow and form around you. We have built Worknews For Alexa and this is just the beginning of what we have planned for voice and gesture control of your Worknews. Alexa by Amazon is a voice based service that requires the Echo device from Amazon.

To connect your Worknews and Alexa account now, go here.
For more instructions on how to use Worknews For Alexa, click here.

Alexa Worknews


Worknews Smartphone

Search The News By Voice

If you have an Echo By Amazon, simply say, “Alexa, Start Worknews.”

Have Articles Read To You

Worknews for Alexa will read full articles to you. Alexa will read headline results to you based on your search and you can interrupt her at anytime to read a specific article.

Worknews on Alexa
Worknews Smartphone

Have Your Saved Articles Read To You

We all move quickly through the week and we see articles we want to read later. As a Worknews user, you can save those in the Worknews app or website and then tell Alexa to read them for you. You could be at home later that night or on the weekend and Alexa will read out the long form articles you were interested in hearing.
You have save articles for the weekend or nightly going form read. Now you can have a coffee or be doing other things while Worknews For Alexa

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